McAfee Total Protection – computer is at risk error

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Hello TechyV gurus, 

I am having problem with my McAfee software giving the message that "Your computer is at risk" and telling me that Real-Time scanning is off. A friend advised me to remove McAfee then try reinstalling it back.
I went to the add/remove program then try to remove McAfee, but I received an error message during the process that says Cleanup failed, Cleanup is already running. 

I close the message then restarted the computer, went back to the add/remove program to check if McAfee is still listed, but it is no longer there. I decided to reinstall Mcafee. Installation was completed but with the same result.

Any ideas?


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McAfee Total Protection – computer is at risk error


There are some instances that even with antivirus installed and practically up to date, some viruses can penetrate right through it. Based from your posted situation, I suspect that the virus infects your system and it cripples your antivirus a little bit of its functionality. Try to re – install your antivirus during a computer safe mode.

I find it safer to install it there because some computer functionality and virus processes are disabled on this state. If ever you will have a successful install, update it and run a full system scan on your system.

And in every time I try to run a full system scan I include my thumb drives on the scanning just to make sure. Better do include them for safety reasons.

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McAfee Total Protection – computer is at risk error


The problem with your McAfee antivirus is either the program itself got crippled by a virus attack or its license has already expired. If you cannot turn on your antivirus’ real-time monitoring, there is something that is preventing that action from being enabled. There are Trojan viruses that are known for disabling running antivirus on the computer.

One example is a tool that can modify, penetrate and can also disable Norton antivirus on your computer. This tool is actually a Trojan virus that is intended to make your computer a slave but will not infect every file there is on the target computer. I will not recommend using this tool because it is illegal.

If you are suspecting that your computer is infected, the best way that you can do is detach your hard drive from the CPU and connect it to another CPU that has a strong antivirus and is 100% virus free. You can do the full system scan there.

But if the problem is just an expired license key, then go renew it so you can use it again. This is usually what happened to antivirus software when their license key has expired; it just shuts down by itself.

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