MCafee Groupshield on Exchange 2003 not updating

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I have McAfee Groupshield 6.0.1148.100 running on Exchange 2003. The DAT file hasn't updated in a while. Any ideas what it could be and how I can get it to update?

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MCafee Groupshield on Exchange 2003 not updating


Hay friend

Would you mind your application must be increase in there for updating DAT file. this required 2003 application will not supported or recognize for updating DAT or other high resolution. i have also same problem before, when i upgrade the version in available on Online, i got solution by upgrading new. So i think you have to change your application version.

For upgrading visit this link:

2007 and other upgrade version will support all kind of file as you want to updated. the McAfee plug in must be on your PC or the same problem you will have. Anti virus you used being update. Just keep in your PC above these system then you will able to update all kinds of file.

Thank you

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MCafee Groupshield on Exchange 2003 not updating


The reason why your McAfee GroupShield 6.0.1148.100 has not updated the DAT file is because of its file version. In McAfee GroupShield 6, it uses what is known as version 1 DATs. Newer McAfee products are now using version 2 DATs which provides more improved detection techniques possible including up to 35 incremental updates instead of the usual 15.

The version 1 type of DAT update has been discontinued since March 31, 2010 that’s why you have this problem. What you need to do is to upgrade to a much newer version of McAfee GroupShield either McAfee GroupShield 7.0.1 or 7.0.2. But unfortunately, after checking, both of these newer versions already reached their EOS or End of Support since March 31, 2014.

Meaning, both of them are dead and has been discontinued. McAfee recommends that users who are still on McAfee GroupShield 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 should upgrade to the latest McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange 7.6 or 8.0 to ensure continued support. Go to McAfee Downloads and head to Product Downloads for product upgrades. You will need a valid Grant Number to access.

Go to KB56057 Knowledge Center for additional information about the Product Downloads page.

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