MaxScript Fileln Exception received when attempting to run a script

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I got a script along with 3DS Max 2010 named I tried running it but I came across this error reporting a Fileln exception. The error seems to come up in the following line:

)lenameFile rendOutputFilename + _RIGHT” + “_” + (FrameToString (currenttime.frame as integer)) + getFilenameType rendOutputFilename”

I have no idea as to how to go about fixing this issue as I am totally new to this Stereoscopic procedure. If it is necessary, I can post the entire script here. Also I would like to learn how to work with the Stereoscopic. Can someone help me with its basics? Also I came to know that Stereoscopic is also available with Maya. Can I learn how to get started using the version available in Maya? Please advice. Many thanks in advance for your valuable help.

–Syntax error : at ), expected

— IN line: )l

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MaxScript Fileln Exception received when attempting to run a script


I think your script got a typographical error at the beginning of the line. I’m not a great programmer but I do can create very simple programs using the BASIC language and assembly language. And looking at the line of the script you indicated, the string at the beginning of the line says “)lenameFile”. And in the error message, it’s clear that it mentioned the characters “)l” are incorrect.

Since there is not much solution on this even in 3ds Max website, just try changing the first two characters of the line and see if it’ll work. Because script files are only text files, open Notepad and then open the script file “”. Go to the line that is in error and replace the string “)lenameFile” with “renameFile”.

Save the file and then try running it again. Hope this works. The script “” is actually included in 3ds Max 2010 and maybe in other versions as well. I think it is only a sample script that the users can try but unfortunately it is not a working script and contains errors. If you are new to 3ds Max, you can visit 3ds Max Tips and Tricks for some helpful tips.

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