Maximum number of devices connected to a power supply

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I have an HP d2300 series with an efficient power supply of 300w, however over the times I have had several device upgrades and was worried about the load on the power supply. what is the maximum load in devices that i can connect to the power supply at a given time?

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Maximum number of devices connected to a power supply


Hello Marshall,

With regards to your question here the primary devices that must be loaded and 300W power supply can withstand.

1.  Processor and memory off course.

2.  Hard Disk Drive one (1) to two (2).

3.  Two (2) system coolers or fan.

4.  A Rom drive.

5.  Video Card.

6.  Sound card and LAN card.

Most of the wattage available for any power supply will be allocated for your processor. Left overs will be divided to the rest of the hardware. Extending your video card will make a difference. High-powered video cards will them consumes more power after our processor. Just simply adding one ROM will have system failure or BSOD will appear in your screen.


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