MATLAB language expert, need your help!

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Hello there.

I am starting to ha e interest in MATLAB language. How does it work? Can I be able to run a simulation of a fawning with the software? 

How hard is it to learn the language?

And does it have its own programming language?

For those who can relate to this please assist me I’m in great need. 

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MATLAB language expert, need your help!


Hallo Rochelle Gunno,

MATLAB, being a high level language, is interactive and it will be useful when you need to perform tasks that are computationally intensive faster as compared to the other languages like C, which you will find that performing computations with them will be a bit slow.

Some of the areas that it will come in handy when performing computations include:

  • The production of solutions to complex systems of equations in mathematics.
  • It is useful when it comes to modeling, simulation, and prototyping of objects.
  • It will also be helpful when you want to analyze, explore and visualize data.

Like any other programming language, it will take you commitment and the interest to learn it to know it, and therefore I do not think it is that hard.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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MATLAB language expert, need your help!


Hello Rochelle Guno, I am glad that you want to learn MATLAB. It has its own programming language but it is not difficult.

Do you know c language?

If you know it you are one step ahead already. And if you are not you have to work a little harder but it is interesting. I want to give you a simple example.

If you want to inverse matrix A. You just defined your matrix and write in (A). You will get the inverse of the matrix.

You can also edit your videos , logos using this software. It has a help option and I think you will get everything you need there.

They have also a website that can help you a lot.

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