Master password of Mozilla Firefox

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Hello to all,

I am a regular internet user. I use Mozilla Firefox as my preferred browser. I heard about master password of Mozilla Firefox other day from my friends. But they can not give me the proper idea about this feature of Firefox. What is the master password in Mozilla Firefox?

Why should I use it? What is the advantage to use it? Can anyone elaborate to me? I need some more idea to use it properly. Please help me if you can.

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Master password of Mozilla Firefox


Hello dear,

First of all you need to know what master password is. Master password is a password of your browser. Let me clear it to you. There are various websites in which you need to log in to access. Some are such websites in which you visit regularly like yahoo, Google, face book etc. When you set remember password for such websites then the username and password is loaded by default from next time on those websites.

The master password is a password which needs to be given every time when you want to login with such saved user name and password. Without this password given you can not access to log in to such websites once you set the master password to your browser. Now I give you the idea to set the master password in your browser.

For this, you need to go to the tools menu in your browser. Then go to the security option in this tools menu. Now check the checkbox to use master password. Click on the change master password. Now set the password you want to get. After entering the password click on ok button. Now this all set. You need to put master password every time to load your saved passwords. I hope you get the idea about the master password of Mozilla Firefox.

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Master password of Mozilla Firefox

  • What is the master password in Mozilla Firefox?
  • Why should I use it?
  • A master password will not prevent others from reading locally stored e-mails, reading your browsing history, or from accessing sites the browser is already logged in to.
  • Can anyone elaborate to me? I need some more idea to use it properly.
  • Using a master password.
  • Using a master password is not selected by default; you will need to set one in the Password Manager, as explained below under Setting a master password. You can view using a master password as a way to authenticate who you are to the Software Security Device, just as you do with a server on a web site: you log into a web site and enter your credentials and you do the same if supplying the master password.
  • If you supply the Master Password in the popup window that you see if a master password is needed, then you log in to the Software Security Device (Firefox uses: "Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption: Certificates: Security Devices: Software Security Device"). If you select the Software Security Device then you notice an enabled "Log Out" button if you are logged on, otherwise the "Log In" button is enabled in that window.
  • Access to the encrypted names and passwords is possible as long as you are logged on to the Software Security Device and you need to log out to prevent others from accessing that data if you leave your computer unattended. "Tools > Clear Private Data : Authenticated sessions" does the same, but also additionally will log you out of secure web sites. You may need to clear the cookies to log out of other sites.

Setting a master password:

  • Firefox: "Tools -> Options -> Security / Passwords -> Use a master password".
  • Make sure that you are able to remember or otherwise retrieve the master password you choose. For security reasons, you will need to supply your current master password before you can change or remove it.
  • Changing your master password.
  • Firefox: "Tools -> Options -> Security / Passwords -> Change Master Password".

Removing your master password:

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