Making a dual boot computer for Linux and windows

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I have a desktop computer that I would wish to install Ubuntu along with windows 7, the problem is whenever I install Linux the windows will not display on booting and when I repair, the Linux will not show. How can I make the two to exist at the boot menu? Is this possible and how can I do this.?

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Making a dual boot computer for Linux and windows


Dual booting is a technique where one single computer can have multiple operating systems.
Before you start dual booting the system. There are some pre-requisites for system dual booting
Pre-requisites for dual booting
1. The system should have windows 7 in working state.
2. Free hard disk space of at least 30GB.
3. CD/DVD or USB Drive with minimum 2GB capacity.
4. External hard drive
the steps by which you can dual boot your system
1. First make sure that you have windows 7 already installed and in working state. (Check the version of Windows also.)
2. Then select the Linux (Which you may want to install).Linux comes with many flavors. (I would suggest you to go for Ubuntu and the latest version of Ubuntu is 14.04)
3. Once you decide about the Linux and download it. Take your USB or CD/DVD for burning the downloaded Linux. Burn it on CD/DVD.
4. No, let’s make the backup of windows system. This backup is for future use if anything goes wrong while installing Linux. This will give you your windows system running as it was while taking backup.
A. Go to Control panel.
B. Click on system and security.
C. Go to backup and Restore.
D. Click on Set up backup.
E. This will create backup of your windows. Save it at secure location.
5. Now, partition your disk. Please ensure that any drive should have 30GB free space. Partition the drives which have minimum 30GB space.
6. Boot the system using CD/DVD drive via BIOS. Reboot the system and install Linux.
7. Once you install the Linux, change the Boot device again via BIOS. The default Boot device should be Internal HDD.
8. Reboot the system and configure it.
9. While restarting your system it will ask you for which operating system to start with.

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