Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application

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My uncle knows how I love to have my own computer, which I can use for working online. So last month, he gave me one desktop computer. It's kind a old model but since I can't afford to buy a new one, I gladly accepted it.

But I found out that there's no anti-virus application installed on the unit. 

My friend suggested downloading free anti-virus software online, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. 

So, I want to consult to the experts. Is it really safe to download and use the free anti-virus applications online?

If it's not, how can I use my computer for my online job and keep it free from viruses?

Hope you could help me.

Thanks a lot.

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Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application


Hi Margene

Not having an anti-virus is risky business if you have access to the Internet. You will be infected in no time and your important data could become lost. A free anti-virus is better than nothing, in fact far much better if the anti virus is a part of one of the leading security product in the market.

It is not only safe to download and install free antivirus but it is very feasible. There are excellent free anti-virus for home users that is well capable of preventing viruses.

I can give you two examples, Avast and AVG. These are the two top free anti virus in the market today. Both uses the same antivirus engine that is there in the paid version, so it is just as effective as the paid version. 

So I advise you to download and install any one.

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Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application


Hi Margene,

Others says you can maintain  your computer pc and free from viruses without downloading a software for Antivirus. 

It's for you to choose and try what they do. How?

  • Minimally access a web page in which it permits you to download some files, and executes scripts.
  • Disable the plug ins which you actually do not use.
  • Avoid using a software that downloads unsecure files for free.
  • Disable the auto run when using a USB and use a WinRAR and have it activated to delete the virus manually.
  • You can also use a firewall to prevent the other users from accessing your pc.
  • Do not just permit anyone because if anybody has the access to your pc you they will surely find viruses on their way to accessing an unsecure sites.
  • Make sure you always have a back up copy of your folder importantly after installing your Operating System, so if anything happens to your pc you can  always return whatever the changes you have done anytime without formatting it.
  • Remember not to permit access to the software you are installing unless you manually update it.

    Hope this might help you.


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Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application


Yes, it is very safe to download and use the free anti-virus application online. But always bear in mind that some of free antivirus has limited to kill viruses and worms not unlike if you are going to use the license one. There so many inexpensive antiviruses found online.  

There are many viruses created everyday so therefore our antivirus also should be updated always for us to encounter any new viruses attacked on our desktop.

But for the meantime that we don’t have enough money to buy a license antivirus just we can use the temporary one and moving forward of any changes.

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Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application


Try to install antivirus in the safe mode. It will resolve your problem. To do this, When you start your computer press F8 repeatedly. 

Another option is to restore your system. To set your computer to the old settings You can also restore the system on previous dates when there was no problem. 
That is the date before you downloaded the iTunes.
This should make it work normally.
• Click a start and go to all programs
• Select accessories and then system tools
• Click on the system restore option
After the system restore, you may download the AVG free version anti-virus, or any other antivirus software you like.
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Maintaining a PC Without Anti-Virus Application


Hello Margene,

I would personally say that it is good to download a free antivirus online, but some of them. For instance I have been using the AVG free antivirus on my computer for a very long time and I use my system surf the internet practically every day and it has never let me down even a single day. 

I do not know about the other antiviruses if their free versions offer the best services but I will recommend for you from my own experience.

You can search it on the internet and download it and then install in on your computer, or you can go to and download it from there for free.


Clair Charles


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