Main Difference Between Notepad And Notepad++ In Detail

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I am at my friend’s house and I notice on her PC that there are two types of notepads. What is the difference between notepad and notepad++?

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Main Difference Between Notepad And Notepad++ In Detail


A notepad is an uncomplicated text editor or an application that come with Windows. It is one application which is used by every person to write down or alter text files.

Alternatively, Notepad++ is free of charge source code editor which is a substitute of the notepad. It also wires additional languages. Tabbed credentials, spelling checker, zoom and, find and substitute characteristic make it much more striking than the previous conventional notepad.


Notepad is a trouble-free application that comes up with Windows, allows you to write several texts and store them. It’s a much-uncomplicated editor.

But in the case of Notepad++, it’s an advance version of a text editor; it wires a lot of extensions, superior for coding purpose. By this, you can authenticate a text extremely fast, offer many extensions. By this, you can evaluate, alter, substitute and locate texts in a very easy way.

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Main Difference Between Notepad And Notepad++ In Detail


Microsoft Notepad and Notepad++ are both text editor applications. It’s just that Notepad++ is more flexible than Microsoft Notepad aside from just being a text editor. With Notepad++, aside from editing an ordinary text file, you can also edit raw program codes like the ones created in C language, C++, C#, and others. You can use it in coding your programs because it supports syntax highlighting.

Similar to a programming language wherein commands and statements are highlighted as you create your code, with Notepad++, everything is highlighted as well. You can also use it to edit your HTML pages. Microsoft Notepad doesn’t support this. Though you can also edit your program codes with Microsoft Notepad, it doesn’t support syntax highlighting. Your entire program will appear like ordinary texts which is quite confusing.

With Microsoft Notepad, you open and edit files one at a time. With Notepad++, you can open and edit multiple files because it supports tab editing. When you open multiple files, they will appear in tabs just like a web browser.

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