Mailbox quota exceeded issue help

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I've been trying to send an email to someone for the last few days, but I can't. Increasingly send email I get the following error message:

"[email protected] mailbox is full. You must delete some messages from e-mail box as soon as possible to avoid losing e-mail messages in the future. Please do not reply to this email. Your email won't go anywhere. Your mailbox quota has been exceeded"

I do not understand this message. I am sending this email to someone else. How can I delete this mailbox email message?

This message means and what can I do to make my emails delivered to Tom?

I am sorry the e-mail several times and I also tried to send it from my Gmail and my yahoo account but I get the same error.

Help is needed.

Thank you.

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Mailbox quota exceeded issue help


Hey there,

The error you are receiving there is just as what it says, it means the inbox of that email address you posted is full and can no longer store anymore e-mail messages. What you probably should do is ask the person you are sending email to delete some mails from his inbox in order to free up some space and so he can receive emails.

This is the only issue here, simply put the persons mailbox is full and can no longer receive any messages. There is a limit to every email services in how much email they can store, his has probably hit that limit already and he needs to remove some of his email.

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Mailbox quota exceeded issue help


There is a limit of storing mails in inbox for all email accounts and all email accounts can not exceed these storage limits. Let take example of a yahoo account it allows to store of 1GB data in your mail account so it mean that after 1GB no mail will come in the inbox and it will be returned to the sender.

Same is the case with you, you are sending a mail to the receiver that have already full storage of emails and he cannot receive further mails. If you think that the person you are sending mail is blocking your mails then this message will not shown but there is another message for blocking of incoming message.

To solve this problem use an other email account of person you are mailing and say him to remove some mails from the inbox in which you want to send emails. You can also chat with him for this purpose or make a phone call to solve this problem.

Although its about you how important your mail is.

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Mailbox quota exceeded issue help


If you want to send an email message but you cannot because this error keeps coming back, it only means your sent items mailbox is full.

In Microsoft Outlook Express, in case you tried using it, mailbox folders have a 2 GB size limit and if one of these folders reached the 2 GB mark size, you won’t be able to send or receive a message depending on the affected folder.

Like if your “Sent” folder reached the 2 GB size limit, you won’t be able to send a message likewise, when your “Inbox” folder reached 2 GB, you won’t be able to receive a message. Regardless of whether you are using an email client or not, since you cannot send a message, try deleting the messages in your “Sent” folder.

In your email account, select the “Sent” folder on the left pane then delete all its contents. Once the “Sent” folder is empty, try sending an email again then see if it works.

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