problem with Host Gator – error 500:

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Hi experts!

I have a serious problem. I host almost 15 website all as "sub" sites with host gator. Recently the sites trashed down and I’d get an error 500. Then I called host gator.

Host gator says the reason is because of Host gator just let 25 open connections. But overloads and loaded them all…that are why the site trashed.

This is weird…Did you have you any similar experiences?

By, if any of my 15 users access their messages immediately it will overload and get ALL 15 of my sites losing and show an error 500.

I cannot make contact with every clients and explain to them to use

I need to solve this. Please help. Thanks. 

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Dear Jeremiah mai,there is no doubt that it is the problem of server side for any reason or problem occurred in the server. So it is difficult to fix yourself. And again it is only the server team who can find out the proper causes of happening this. So,contact your server webmaster frequently and time to time again. However it may be hard or late to find out  the causes. When they will be able to find the cause your problem will be solve easily. And it is a temporary problem. So try loading again and again,also in another time. This problem may only be solved by fixing Web server software. Have a good luck

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