Magento configuration problem while using with new domain

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Hi guys,

I am having problem with MAGENTO. I have installed it but when i start using it with new domain its configuration goes out and a error is displayed.if anyone know how to get rid of it or how to configure it please tell me.

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Magento configuration problem while using with new domain


Hey Afsheen Jamal,

You should have mentioned the version of your PHP web server installed on your hosting server.

Most nearly possible answer is that some hosting services providers don’t provide PHP5 yet on their servers.

Ask you service provide whether you got PHP5 or not?

In any case not to worry about this as even if you have PHP4 on their server you can still use Magento Application through cgi-bin that will enable PHP4 server to work as PHP5 web server. Because Magento requires only PHP5 to run.

You need to do the following Steps to use Magento Application on your PHP4 web server:

  • First You need to Download The Cgi Binary file from the following link :
  • Download From Here(Right Click On The Link And Select Save As)
  • Upload the file to the server through a file uploading client e.g., Filezilla FTP Client
  • Select the uploaded file and change the “CHMOD” or “Change Mode” or “Change Permissions” value to 755 or 0755.
  • Then you need to make some changes to the .htaccess file
  • The .htaccess file will be something like the image below:
  • You need to add couple of lines so the text will look like the image below.

What you are doing here is, you are changing the path of the in the action command to let it access the cgi-bin file you uploaded earlier.

In this example I used php5-cgi.php as file name.

By now after visiting the page to test Magento installation, if you see Magento smiling then your php5 is all ready to go 🙂

Hope This May Help You.

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