Macintosh Error 43 says file not found

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Hi there,

Song editing makes me wacky sometime. When I was doing some sort of research in Peak Pro, I ended up with this error. I never experienced this before, ‘File not found’ I have all my files. But still I hit the continue button, It says there is no enough space. I have plenty of empty space left in the disk, why this error appears? Or the file is corrupted? Any help will be great. Thanks

Error Image

Words in the Error Image

Macintosh Error -43

File not found. Creating temporary file.

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Macintosh Error 43 says file not found



This error usually happens when you’ve configured a folder that you don’t have permission to read or write. So, the program can’t do the task required and exists unexpectedly.

1. Click Peak option from the ribbon on the top.

2. Go to “Preferences”.

3. Uncheck and re-check the tick down “Folder…” option.

4. An option will come saying to choose a folder. Choose any folder as you like but make sure that you have permission to read and write into the folder.

5. Go back to the Scratch disc dialog box, press “OK”.

6. Go back into the “Preferences” box, click “Sava Preferences Now”.

Now no problem will arise for sure.

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