Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server: “Error -43”

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"Error -43", when Using Windows File Sharing (SMB).

When I tried to connect to the Windows share, or when trying to copy files to and from it, I see an alert box with a message similar to this one:

"The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found. (Error code = -43)."

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Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server: “Error -43”


One system is different from the other, a Mac system might allow you to save a file with special characters like a question mark, a dash, a quotation mark, a bracket, a backslash or forward slash, plus, minus, equal sign, a comma, or asterisks.

Most computer systems will only accept alphanumeric characters but you must also consider the number of characters allowed. Going beyond this will give you an error or will not allow you to save or share the file. Thus giving you the error code “Error-43”.  

So if you really want to share files between different systems, I suggest you change the filename and make it simple, use what a Windows system can recognize, alphanumeric.

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Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server: “Error -43”


Hi Kickads!

These are the possible reasons why you’re having Error-43:

* The file name that you are transferring contains illegal character like []|*=+?<>;:,"

  So to solve this problem you have to remove all the illegal characters in the name of your files you want to share.

* Does not have permission to share the file. This is commonly happened when the SMB server has a name with no adequate permission so you have to share the URL of your file without a share name then a pop-up window will appear asking you to choose a share point.

* The URL that you are using for sharing the file is consisting of a name that does not exist.

* The name in the URL is misspelled. Always double check the name you input.

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