Mac book pro font size settings problem.

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I do Mac Book Pro whose screen is really small that’s why I wanted to use a bigger font size for my Xcode 3.2.6.

I did try changing the settings but nothing has happened. I also tried the command “+,” but I failed.

Are there any solutions you can give me?  Please help.

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Mac book pro font size settings problem.


Hello Tiny Tony,

I will suggest that you try the plus command again; maybe you could be doing it the wrong way. Just press and hold down the command key, or otherwise called the apple on the keyboard while hitting the plus (+) sign and see if the font will increase. In case the font becomes excessively large, then hold down the command key again while hitting the minus (-) sign. Play around with those two commands till you get the desired font size.

Another way to solve that problem will be to change the screen resolution. You will just need to go to preferences and then click on 'display'. In the display window, you will need to change the resolution to 1280 x 800, which should make the font appearance slightly better.

Hope that works for you.


Clair Charles

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