Mac Book Battery Not Charging Correctly

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I am having problems with my newly bought Mac book Pro 13”. The battery is not charging when the computer is on. But when my computer is asleep or booting, the battery will charge the usual way. When the computer is on, the battery will drain and a warning message will be shown that there is no power source.

A hallow insight proves some results that until now are not working even when trying.  Some of the steps that I have tried so far are:


-SMC reboots (l-shift + option + control + power)

-Manual installation of Thunderbolt 

-Used a tested working power adapter.

I tried the power cord on my Dad's Mac book and it worked. I am running OS X Lion. I thought the problem must be software related, and then I found out that the problem however prevails both before and after installation of Lion.

I am trying to update Thunderbolt Software. But the update won’t continue without plugging in the power cord.  But I guess I was wrong with it. It really feels good to throw a question here even though I can conduct additional  research. Anybody who has the ideas please tell me.

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Mac Book Battery Not Charging Correctly


If you have done all the possible software-related solutions that you can think of just to fix the problem and yet the problem is still a problem. Maybe the problem is not really software-related. Since your Mac Book Pro 13 is just a newly bought device, why not return it to the store and tell them the problem that you are experiencing with it.

Your problem here might be caused by a defective battery that’s why you are noticing some odd charging behaviour. In normal operation, the battery immediately charges after connecting the AC adapter to the Mac Book.

The battery unexpectedly might have a factory defect. If you have other battery that is compatible with your device, try using it first. While using it, try charging it and observe if it behaves like your original battery. Do the same with your original battery, connect it temporarily to other unit and observe the way it charges.

Based on your observation, make a conclusion on whether to return the newly bought device to the store for a possible replacement or not.

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