Lsass Error 1225 (0x4C9) ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED – Unknown error

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I am getting this error, while trying to integrate my Ubuntu systems to windows domain:

Lsass Error 

1225 (0x4C9) ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED – Unknown error

It's giving me too much headaches on how to get it working. Also, is this really possible? Has been trying to Google it and could not find anything that works. I'm still new to using Ubuntu systems, but I will do whatever it takes to fix this.

I am not really familiar with what I am doing, but this is the job that was assigned to me. I tried deleting lsass-adcache.db, but that didn't eliminate the error.

Any help is so much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

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Lsass Error 1225 (0x4C9) ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED – Unknown error


Integrating UBUNTU Systems to Microsoft Windows Domain

You are receiving the Lsass Error 1225 (0x4C9) ERROR CONNECTION REFUSED message because you are connecting into a cross platform operating system. There are solutions or systems available today for sharing resources in a cross platform environment. This system uses the Internet Protocol which or where different or cross platform can communicate with each other.

The system is called the Likewise Storage Systems. This system allows you to communicate or integrate your windows system to a cross platform including UNIX and Linux. The UBUNTO Systems are covered in these platforms. Not only for sharing files but also sharing of network resource line printer sharing and other network resources.

This system will act in your network as the interpreter across platforms so that communications will be interpreted and enables you to access network resources on the other platform.

Some features of Likewise Storage Systems include the following:

  1. SMB 1 & 2 implementation in a modern way.
  2. Network File System Version 3 with support to NFS4.X. Protocols for remote files.
  3. Microsoft windows control list rights access full breadth support.
  4. Windows applications management for remote access capabilities.
  5. Remote Procedure Call supports and compatibility for Applications in Microsoft Windows with dynamically named loadable files and using of the transports for network like TCP/IP protocol.
  6. User-Space architecture, modular and Multi-threaded.
  7. Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain Multi-User authentication.
  8. Consistent in different and across network protocol access semantics clients.

This might be the solution for your problem.

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