Lotus Notes error while opening a window

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Hello buddies,

Mostly unexpected shutdowns happen regularly, that anybody cannot be able to open it up.

After which series of other problem concept will be seen.

Please help to eliminate this error


Lotus Notes
An error was encountered while opening a window.
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Lotus Notes error while opening a window


If you frequently experience untimely shutdown or the computer shuts down for no reason without clicking anything, it is better to check the system.

If you will just let it happen and will not do anything about it, you might loose important data and in the long run will eventually damage your hard drive. And of course, if your hard drive is damaged, it will have bad clusters or bad block and this will be the start of a failing drive.

You might want to check if you have installed a new hardware that might be the cause of the frequent restarts.

If you have a recent software installation before you encounter this problem with Lotus Notes, try uninstalling that application and see if this fixes the problem.

If not and you still have frequent system restarts, the best remedy would be to reinstall Windows. For best results, delete the partition and then create a new one for the new installation. Then you can now install Windows again.

But if ever the same problem arises again after reinstalling your operating system, you need to check now the devices installed on your CPU. One of the devices attached to it is already failing.

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