Lotus Notes error – Illegal circular USE

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Gets this error message

Illegal circular USE: DocExpProcessing"  on Windows XP

When opening an older email after clicking on the "Ok" button this message appears "Generic LSE Failure (no more info!)"

This started occurring after an update from Notes 6.5 to Notes 8.5.2. 

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Lotus Notes error – Illegal circular USE


The fault can happen when using a database, removal of documents in folders, or other operation(s) creating or opening documents. The fault can be more usual in mail files, and/or in gear where a database design has already been upgraded to a latest release (comparative to Notes/Domino templates), or latest version (comparative to custom templates).

 You are most likely to just refresh the structure or design of your mail file.

After selecting the mail file, need to go to

1. File

2. Database

3. Refresh Design

4. Select the mail server for the template, and confirm.

5. Close the mail and once again try.

The option of Replace instead may be use if only Refresh is not enough.

If you will do the same procedure you will not face any problem.

If none of the solution is useful then try with the Domino administrator, but only you need to do fix up.

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Lotus Notes error – Illegal circular USE


The main cause of this problem is the mail template used by the message which is somehow different from the version used by Lotus Notes.

This error happens when the user shifts to private view or folder because their design is based on Notes / Lotus Domino 7.x mail template and the design of the email file or the message file itself has been reverted back to 6.x mail template.

The DocExpProcessing Script Library is not available in Notes / Domino 6.x mail template design that’s why when shifting to private view or folder using the 7.x design it can’t find the library and that’s when the error is triggered.

To fix it in private views, copy the actions manually from another view or folder.

For the complete workaround, visit How does the mail template's new agent upgrade folder designs.

To fix the problem in private folders, you can use the Upgrade Folder Design action.

In your mail file, click Action and then Upgrade Folder Design.

After that, choose between Manual and Automatic.

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