Lotus Notes and Gmail accounts synchronized?

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I usually go out of the office to meet some important clients making me more difficult to check my mails from time to time. So I change my setup on my Lotus Notes account. I let my Lotus Notes mails forward to my Gmail account.

And through my BIS 8700c, I’ll access the forwarded messages from Gmail accounts. I was using this kind of set up already for a while making it sure that Lotus Notes and Gmail accounts were not synchronized. But recently, I observed that some of my mails in Lotus Notes account were already tagged as read.

Even the color has changed and there were no “*” symbol already on those mails. 

I am not of what’s happening because I can’t make any patterns on it. It just happens randomly to my mails. 

Or am I not aware that Lotus Notes and Gmail accounts already synchronized? 

Thus this means that the Blackberry also synchronizes with them?  

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Lotus Notes and Gmail accounts synchronized?


Sometimes these kinds of problem occurs in lotus note. For solving this kind of problem, you have to first go to the sysadmin so that it can check what is really happening and how much mail is left as unread. Most of the time, it solves the problem for the users. But sometimes, it does not.

On the other hand, you can change your template design and refresh the page so that the problem can no longer show again or just reinstall it after uninstalling if.

Best of luck.

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Lotus Notes and Gmail accounts synchronized?


This might be caused of bad or corrupted a cookie that comes from Gmail. You may try to delete all your cookies in your internet connection settings. After clearing your internet connection history and cookies run your application then refresh the list. You may find that your listing will be okay and updated.

Sometimes this error occurs because of poor communication from your application to the email server. Your internet connection might be too slow to collect data from the server or the system is not configured properly specially the pop server.

System corruption might be the one reason why this issue happened. It is just simply un-install and re-installs your application to make sure that the application is working correctly.

Virus is one factor also so scan and clean your computer from virus infection.


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