Lotus email archivierung freeware advantages.

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I was discussing about the benefits of Archivierung Emails for example using lotus Email Archivierung freeware and would love to know its advantages since providers such as yahoo and Gmail have a way of marking for example starring an email for future viewing. Isn't Archivierung of emails just redundant in functionality?


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Lotus email archivierung freeware advantages.


Hi Linux,

Here are a few benefits of Archivierung emails.

1. Optimize email server performance
2. Archivierung Email is automatically and interactively
3. Reduce support overhead
4. Scale with the growing enterprise
5. Enable regulatory compliance

There are several reasons why other providers use it. With the use of this, all archived mails are still available to be retrieved even if the mail server fails. It also has the fully-automated data and configuration security on existing storage systems.

You may check the link below to see other information about Email Archivierung.
Link: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Mail-Archivierung

Hope this helps,

Blackwell Willie


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