How to stop Spam Mails in Gmail

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I am a small businessman and using Gmail to send email to my business partner. I am not using it too much, only sending 10-15 mails per week. But these days I am getting too much spam mail, at least 10-20 emails per day which is very annoying. The emails contain adults substance too which I hate too much. I have to delete the junk emails daily.

Yesterday, I deleted some of my important emails accidently when I tried to delete those junk emails. How to stop those emails? Is there any software to stop the spam emails? Please I need your help very badly.

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How to stop Spam Mails in Gmail


Did you join in a group, forum or something like that recently? Or give your email address to an unnecessary website. Anyway you can take some necessary actions for get rid of this spam trouble.

Just check out a mail and see if there is any unsubscribe facility provided. I mean stop receiving email from those groups, forums, etc link. Most of the time online advertising organizations and groups provide this unsubscribe feature on their mails. You only need to click that unsubscribe link and send a message for not to send any thing after that. If you don't see anything like this then goes to the next action.

If you identify the mail address that these mails send from, you can simply block that mail address and not receiving anymore mails hereafter from them.  If you using the Gmail online mail client, just open such kind of a mail and click the button Report Spam. Then it will move into the Spam box and here after the mail from that sender will automatically move into the spam box.

If you need to permanently delete them you can just make a filter.  Just open such like a mail. Click the button More Actions. From the menu appears, select the option Filter messages like these. From here you can create a filter. It says

"Choose search criteria specify the criteria that you'd like to use for determining what to do with a message as it arrives. Use "Test Search" to see which messages would have been filtered using these criteria. Messages in Spam and Bin will not be searched."

(You can get this window from the mail settings also. I'll tell you later about that feature.

You can see the mail address that you would like to filter on the From text box.  If you want to add any details such like Words, Subject, etc you can set in here. To move into the next step, click the Next Step button.

From this window it says

"Choose action – Now, select the action you'd like to take on messages that match the criteria you specified.

When a message arrives that matches the search: from:(<email address>), do the following:

You can select what you like to do."

If you want to skip the mail from the inbox you can tick Skip the Inbox check box. So here after, mails from that sender will not show in your inbox.

If you want to move it into another folder (label) you can tick Apply the label and select a label that you created. I very much like this feature because I want to keep my mails well organized. So I have lot of labels in my mail client to categorize my mails according to. Such like Home label – mails from my home, Office – mails regarding to Office work, Friends – forward funny mails from my friends, etc.  I have many filters like this and automatically it will send the mails into these labels.

What I did was create filters such as including my family members email addresses and tick the options Skip Inbox and Apply the label HOME. You also can organize the mails like that.  As a business person I think it is a necessary factor to make your work easy.

As those pissed mails are so much hateful, you certainly like to delete them. So the best option is tick the check box Delete.

You can use the options Never send it to Spam or Star it for most important mails you do not like to see as deleted.  So after completing what you want as a filter, you can click the button Create Filter now.

So, now the thing is done.

If you want to know what are the filters that you have created or edit them you can go to the mails settings by clicking on the icon on the top right corner. Then click the Filters tab and you can see your filters or create a new one.

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How to stop Spam Mails in Gmail


You need to use Gmail's reporting system to report the spam emails.  I would minimize the email's exposure by modifying the usage and restricting unknown email addresses.  You could also try the following steps.

1) Adjust the filter settings of the Gmail account that trashes all incoming emails from specific senders. Although spammers might change their email addresses frequently, you will still get the same spam emails.
2) When junk emails are sent from the same company and if the return address  changes Often, you should create a filter that  detects certain emails. Then those would be deleted, as well. An example is a company called Global Money Making Enterprises. You could create a filter that deletes emails automatically if they contain those words. 
Hope the tips above help!
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How to stop Spam Mails in Gmail



You should first choose ""Settings"" and then select ""Filters"" and set up the filter so if the same sender sends any other emails,  those emails would be automatically deleted, as well.
Although most spammers will change their email addresses a lot, spam messages will sometimes still be received from the same spammer.  If any junk mail is sent by someone and the return addresses keeps changing, you need to set up a filter that would detect  words that are used often.
The junk emails could also put into the Inbox and then they could be reported to Google by clicking that “Report Spam” button.
The message would then be moved to the spam folder and the report would help Google to improve their spam filter. Spammers will also keep changing the common words such as the word ‘Viagra’ by misspelling it as Vi@gar@ to defeat many spam filters.  Block these terms whenever you notice them and then these messages will not  even appear in any of your folders.

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