Lost memory on my laptop

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Hi everyone?

I had lost memory on my laptop but after a lot of help I got on Cat Byte, all the memory I was able to recover all that memory. However it has come to my attention that the same memory I recovered has been reducing as it did before.
Also the laptop takes a while to go off while lots of boxes prompt me to end programs that I am unable to Identify if they are really running. The laptop has also been subject to freezing, mostly once a day. The laptop’s audio is also mute and sometimes it just hibernates while still working on something.
I got an advice from Cat Byte to go ahead and open another different thread but that isn’t helpful since my first problems are still persistent.
Somebody please tell me what to do t resolve these issues?
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Lost memory on my laptop


Hi Harry,

From your description, it really sounds like your laptop has a corrupt operating system or it can be infected by viruses or malware. You need to first check your Programs and identify the programs that you don't need and those that seem off like emoticon packs, internet or something on those lines. Next, install a good free antivirus program like AVG and run a full computer scan. This should take care of most of the problem.

If you want to start with a clean slate, just reformat and reinstall the operating system.

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