Looking for this Software Please help

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Hi All,

I am looking for a freeware or at least cheap in terms of price software that could prevent any file extension type I that I restrict from being installed on to my computer? It’s like deepfreeze? Thanks in Advance

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Looking for this Software Please help



I've done some research on this and found out that in some way you could do this to an extent. First if you’re using Windows Server, then you’re in luck, it has its own file extension blocking built into it, albeit only limited but better than nothing, it is also customizable according to your preferences. Here are the links if you want to read up on it:

1. Read this Windows SharePoint Services 2.0


2. Read this Community Area

 But if ever you are using standard Windows, I haven't read an article that states it has this same functionality. Though there are programs and tweaks out there that might help you achieve somewhat a control over these file extensions. One as may already heard of being from Faronics, its Anti-Executable, it creates a whitelist of "safe" programs and file extensions, and you can read about it here: READ Though this option might not be so cheap.

 Also Windows has a form of data execution prevention, I'm not exactly sure if this is what you need but you can try to see if it caters to your specifications. You can read about it here:

AppLocker/ Software Policies

1. Link 1 AppLocker tool

2. Link 2 Using Software Restriction Policies to Protect Against Unauthorized Software

Data Execution Prevention

1. Link 1 Top Solutions

2. Link 2 A detailed description

Hope this helps,

Howard Taft

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