Looking for a software for management function

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Hello and Good Day!

Due to a great number of changes that our company will be making in our IT infrastructure in 2012, we're trying to plan things out as early as possible.

Are there software tools that can assist us carry out and accomplish the change management function?

Thank you…

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Looking for a software for management function


Hallo Konrad,

It will depend with which area you want the change to be majorly implemented, but if it you want to do the change in about all areas, and by that I mean things like management, networking database management and so forth.

When it comes to database management, you will have to ensure that you are using the latest software to manage databases, for instance oracle 11e and the latest version of the SQL program, or any other database management program that your company may be using. In networking you might want to consider using IPv6 so as to accommodate many computers as possible without running out of address spaces as it is the one being adopted in the market right now.

What you should generally do is get the latest software to be sure of best performance of your network.


Mahesh Babu


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