Looking for Software that could track/manage/communicate with individuals

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I am looking for Software or Services that could track manage and communicate with individuals such as (investors, contractors, advisers, partners etc.) for startup? I want somebody/something that could record or track communications with the said individuals.

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Looking for Software that could track/manage/communicate with individuals


That is a project management software that you are looking for and I will recommend for one that is called active Collab.

It is a project management and collaboration software that you can be able to install on your server or local network so that it will help you in the management and communication of the individuals on that network.

What this software does is that it gives you the full control over the files and communications that goes on to the network and it does that using unlimited users, unlimited projects, and also unlimited storage space.

The software will give you the chance to work more effectively with your entire team, and it will also give your clients and contractors an intuitive, fully customizable space. For more about this software you can visit: https://activecollab.com/

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Looking for Software that could track/manage/communicate with individuals

Hello, I think ‘Team Viewer’ may be the best all-in-one solution. You can use this application for spontaneous support, remote maintenance, team work, training sessions, home office. access to unattended computers, presentations, and online meetings.
Your network connection speed determines the quality of the display. If you use DSL or mobile connections, the best performance can be provided. Team Viewer has two versions.
The normal version has to be installed on the system while the Quick Support version does not need to install to execute.
If you want to bring two computers together, Team Viewer must be running on two computers simultaneously. You need to be an administrator to install Team Viewer. However, after installation any user as well as administrator could execute the program.
Whenever Team Viewer is executed, it automatically generates the password and partner ID.
User can define his own password too. Local operator must communicate with remote operator to setup a connection between host machine and local client, then ID and password is required.

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2-Click on Start full version 


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