Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout error

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All of a sudden I am not able to launch Logic on my MAC BOOK Pro machine. I keep getting an error message with MIDI timeout.

Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout

MIDI timeout

Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout. Please restart

your computer, then relaunch Logic Pro.

If the problem persists, update the drivers of all

Connected MIDI devices (including audio drivers with

MIDI functionality) to the latest version. For

Instructions on removing older drivers, consult the

Manufacturers’ documentation.


I have restarted my machine a couple of times and the error seems to continue to exist. It displays as if it is going to launch, but when it comes to starting the MIDI driver it just stops.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout error


This error is common with anything that is DIGI. Digidesign drivers cause the MIDI to timeout. To resolve this issue, try this: go to HD then to your Library, click Audio and open the MIDI folders and move all the DIGI stuff to the desktop location of your computer and see if it works.

If it doesn’t, restart the computer then relaunch Logic Pro. It should work after restarting. If all else fails, contact Logic Pro support to give them a heads up. You may also coordinate with Apple with regard to this concern. There has to be an answer for this problem.

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Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout error


Hello JosephGray,

I have studied about it using Google and some other search engine. One of my friends has Mac pro operating system and we searched and tried this results. Two of the results become very useful.

The first answer is: remove GIO and lunch Logic, try to make a new song. If you get trouble because of doing this than find out later GIO driver and install that. The problem should be solved.

Second answer is: find out these two directories “/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/” and “~/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/”. Now remove everything except EmagicUSBMIDIDriver.plugin. Now reboot your system.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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