Local Admin Password Reset Tool To Gain Access To The Computer.

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All the computer applications are under the control of administrator. But if you forget the password of administrator you cannot gain access to the PC. How can you resolve this issue without formatting or reinstalling the OS? Describe aboutthe local admin password reset tool.

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Local Admin Password Reset Tool To Gain Access To The Computer.


You can use the third party tools to reset the lost or forgotten password.

Some of them are listed below:

1) PASSWORD KIT=It supports Windows Vista and SCSI/SATA/RAID drives.

2) OPENWALLS JOHN THE RIPPER has good boot floppy and cracking abilities.

3) EMERGENCY BOOT CD is used for system recovery.

4) STELLAR PHOENIX PASSWORD RECOVERY uses Windows like program instead of command prompt to reset the password.

  • For Windows Vista users ‘Petter Nordahl-Hagen’s Offline NT Password & Registry Editor’ is used.
  • It updates the encrypted password present in the registry’s SAM file.
  • It is offline software. You need to boot a CD.
  • It also works with syskey.

Provides a way to unlock the locked or disable accounts www.loginrecovery.com helps to recover the lost passwords of Windows XP. it does not create a new password instead informs about the old one.

According to the discoverer it even works with Windows NT, Server 2003 and Longhorn. It works with the password hashes and encrypted files. Some of the passwords crackers:


  • Available for flavors of Unix, DOS, Win 32, Open VMS etc.
  • It detects the passwords.
  • Download the software from the official website though it costs money.


  • Full form is emergency boot CD.
  • It is used fro system recovery for hardware and software faults.
  • It is properly compiled and configured for maximum use.
  • It can create a backup copy so that we can later restore Windows from it.
  • When the loader is damaged then you can load the OS from the booted CD.
  • You can change the passwords without even knowing the old one.
  • You can recover the deleted files or delete the files permanently so that no one can recover it. This helps when we accidently format the HDD.
  • Useful to recover data from a non-readable floppy disk.

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