Live Support Chat Open Source To Troubleshoot Issues Of The Clients.

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A business is preferred by a client when the service is proper. When a customer buys a computer and has an issue with it, he will try to contact the customer care. But if he does not receive the proper attention he will be frustrated and never choose the company again. Thus troubleshooting service must be looked first. Describe aboutthe live support chat open source?

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Live Support Chat Open Source To Troubleshoot Issues Of The Clients.


Some of the live chat software’s are listed below:

1) DRIFT .

  • Messaging application.
  • The mission is to help the businesses to have one to one conversation with the clients.

It has the following unique features:

  • Slack integration provides the facility of receiving notifications and having the conversation with the customers.
  • It shows the real identity in every chat.
  • It consists of a chatbot. This routes the chat to the correct member at the appropriate time. This reduces the manual work. The only problem with this software is that it has no direct integration with the Salesforce.


  • Fast and efficient. The software has the following features:
  • It provides the facility of live chat for free.
  • It shows the review transcripts and lets you have a check on your data.
  • You can easily see the frequent issues faced by your clients. The only prblem related to this software is that if the sales associates are not included then it is just a chatting application.


  • Good for the team members as the tickets can be easily transferred.
  • It provides a 24*7 service. The software has the following features:
  • 24*7 support is available in the free version also.
  • The facility of reviewing transcripts helps to know the real problem of individual customers and the solution to it. The software has the following issues:  Custom tickets and the Customer Status field values cannot be customized.


  • Open source software.
  • More than just a live chat.

The software has the following features:

  • Chats can be easily forwarded.
  • It allows choosing from different chat invitation styles.
  • The free version also has many functions.
  • It provides the quick search and answer suggestion feature.


  • Simple and straightforward live chat.
  • Several free functions.
  • Open source software.

The software has the following features:

  • Provides the ability to choose between the basic functions.
  • Customization abilities.
  • Minimum issues and investment. It has the following issues:
  • Does not provide effective ticketing solution.
  • It has a limit to the reporting tools.

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