Listen From Anywhere Using Sync IPod With Any New Computer And Enjoy.

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How the sync process works and how can we sync iPod with any new computer? What are the steps to sync the iPod with any new computer?

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Listen From Anywhere Using Sync IPod With Any New Computer And Enjoy.


The Outlook calendar is generally and online calendar which is used to save our work reminders online. When our phone is connected to the internet we can save and get reminders which can be pinged and trigger at the particular time and even we can replace or alter the reminders and in the case, if our phone is connected with our VPN then even our mates who are connected to our network can also have the reminders.

For example, imagine a family has connected to VPN and mother has gone to work and forgot to say her husband to take a pill who is in the meeting now she can add a reminder to his phone which is connected to the outlook calendar. So that she won’t be disturbing his meeting and she could help him take his pill in time. This way the outlook calendar works.

Now, to do all these things we need the outlook to be connected to our phone. In our case, the phone is the “iPhone”. So how can we sync our outlook calendar with our iPhone?

Follow these simple steps through which we can sync our iPhone to outlook:

Step 1: go to outlook menu

Step 2: select preferences

Step 3: then click sync services

Step 4: Now select what you want to sync for now we are syncing our calendar.

Step 5: now click ok to turn on sync services.

(Since Apple mobile devices no longer works with sync services we need to use Itunes)

Once you have reached the step 5. You can choose what all the things you want to sync between iPod and your computer.

Step 6: connect the iPod to your mac. It should detect the device.

Step 7: click on info on thetop right.

Step 8: now scroll down and select the sync Ical calendars.

Once the sync between the iPod and the computer is been selected and done we can choose what we want to sync the music and calendars and contacts etc.

After the sync process is completed we can use the iPod even for calling after syncing ever device like computer and phone and etc.

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