List Various Postal Codes Of Managua

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What are the postal codes? How are postal codes assigned? Enlist various postal codes of Managua.

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List Various Postal Codes Of Managua


Postal codes are zip codes or usually referred to as PINs. These are numbers that indicate a part of the city every region or a specific part of the county is assigned a postal code which makes it easy to identify which part it is. It is a six digit number, not more than or less than six.

Every country may have different ways of assigning their postal codes in India the first digit of the pin indicate the region such as north: 1,2 West:3,4  South:5,6  East:7,8. The second digit indicates the state sub-region. The third digit indicated the district, and the last three numbers indicate the post office; this is how each region has different postal numbers.

Various postal codes of Managua are:

  • 1000 – Managua Master code
  • 11001- Central Historical cultural
  • 11002- Candelaria
  • 11003- Carlos Reina
  • 11006- Barricada

Many more postal codes are available.

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