List of top five USB disable software?

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Please provide me the list and download link of top five usb disable software available over the internet.I want freeware program not the trial version of software which enable or disable usb on any windows environment.


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List of top five USB disable software?



You can find the top 5 in this link. Top 5 Just open the link, you will see the top 5 USB disable software.

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List of top five USB disable software?


Hello Benjamin

There are many USB disable software available in the market but some of them are much better compared to others. Five of them along with their download links are:

1. USB Flash Unblock/Block – USB Flash Unblock/Block is a simple but very portable software developed to unlock/lock the external drives on a USB drive of a system. This software totally disable or limit the USB mass storage device on any system.

2. Disable USB Port – USB Port Locked is a simple application developed to handle USB ports and control other users from plugging in their removable storage devices.

3. The USB Manager – A very unique thing about this software is that it does not disable the ports but the driver itself controls other devices from connecting to the system.

4. USB Write Protector – It locks or unlocks write protection for all USB devices of the given system at any time, e.g. Flash drive and hard drive.

5. USB Safely remove – This is an advanced and newer version of Windows safe removal tool and provides a very high level of security.

I suggest you to download any one of the above software. These are the best one's available on the internet.

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