Linux PC My keyboard is not working

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My keyboard is not working when I turned my PC on to Linux. My PC is dual boot to Windows 7 and Linux Redhat 5. I tried to reboot and connected a different keyboard but it did not solve the problem. Please let me know how I should fix this issue.

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Linux PC My keyboard is not working



Here are some suggestions on how you should go about troubleshooting your keyboard problem:

1.       Depending on the type of connection your keyboard uses, it’s possible that you connected it to a mouse port instead of the actual keyboard port. This is applicable if you’re using a PS/2 connector.

Make sure the keyboard is connected to the keyboard PS2 port ( with keyboard symbol ) and not to the PS/2 mouse port. Also, check for any bent or broken pins.

2.       If you’re using a USB connection for your keyboard, it’s possible that you need to obtain the appropriate USB driver before it will respond. If you have the software, uninstall the old keyboard driver and then re-install it.

It’s good if you can get both a USB and PS/2 keyboard to check so you can isolate the problem. If one works, then the other one is a faulty port.

3.       If neither of the USB nor the PS/2 keyboard is working, check your BIOS. How to do that depends on what computer you’re using, but generally you can get to BIOS by pressing either of these keys during start-up: F1, F2, DEL, ESC, F10.

On most systems, it will actually advise you what key to press during startup to get to the BIOS. Once you’re inside the BIOS, check to see if the keyboard is being recognized ( check if it’s installed or enabled ). If the BIOS is recognizing the keyboard but it’s still not working, you may have bad physical keyboard ports and you may need to have it checked by a technician.

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