Linux Operating System and Virus Issue

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I am using a HP laptop, with a linux OS in it, but recently i was using a pen drive with virus in it, i am just curious to know the internal architecture of the technique, through which LINUX OS remains resistant to virus, which could potentially harm the windows? Which is the most Secure Version of Linux. Which version of Linux is used by Edward Snowden?

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Linux Operating System and Virus Issue


Dear John M Torres,

No doubt Linux is very much secured and protected operating system but no "OS" could be 100 % secure.

Linux is very much protected against viruses due to its strong architecture. Linux has 100s of distributions but at kernal (the main core part of OS) level all are essentially the same and secure. It means if somebody writes viruses for RPM based linux distribution such as "RedHat, Fedora, CentOs" couldn't disturb with "Debian" based linux and vice versa.

In windows we usually do not required admin permissions to install and uninstall the program but in linux, it will be asked  you for the permission to install the program and for this you will need root password. Root work as the admin and in linux it is necessary to set up root password during installation because every little activity require root password , hence there are very less chances for a virus to enter ino linux root and destroy it. This is why linux has not faced even a single well spreaded script or virus.

OpenBDS and Debian are two of the most secure linux distribution (in my opinion).

Edward Snowden used the "Tails" which is version of Linux OS optimized for anonymity.





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