Linux FTP to Windows Transferring Files

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I am having problems copying files from my Linux based ftp server to a windows based machine.

Whenever I try to access my ftp server from my LAN network it always gives me the following error:

Anyone have any ideas?


FTP Folder error

An error occurred copying the selected items from the FTP Server.

200 Switching to Binary mode.
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,1,1,1,40,75)
213 435847168
550 Failed to open file.

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Linux FTP to Windows Transferring Files



Hello Hudson,


For you to activate file transfer through LAN network, you need to follow these simple instructions so that you can successfully set it up.


I’ll give you a short overview with regards to this process. What you are currently performing now is called “DATA CONNECTION.” From the word itself, it connects data via communication with LAN. Your FTP mode handles over that data transfer process because from there you will check the server for options whether make it passive or active mode.


You’ve said that everytime you copy files from linux to windows, an error occurs. Actually, this usually happens if you haven’t changed the access policy in your computer. Locate “ACCESS POLICY” in the system àchoose “CONFIGURE FTP” àa new window will open, on the check box, make it sure that you don’t check “FTP DOWNLOAD ONLY” preference because this is the usual cause of preventing you from copying through LAN.


If that option doesn’t work, you may try this one too. This option will depend on what browser you are using. You have to check it and go to “INTERNET OPTIONS” àselect “ADVANCED” àand locate the check box of “USE PASSIVE FTP” and select it.  


Good Luck!




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