Linux Distributions for HD Televisions

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I bought a 32’’ flat screen television that I can use as my computer and television as well. I am really fund of buying such stuff which can be use in two other separate machines to make it more minimal in budget spending. I have been using my old 15’’ screen laptop for years so I can say this is a bit of enhancement regarding the size of the monitor as it gets bigger this time. I also bought a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard which I will use on my computer.  I have set up my bed six to eight feet away from the said new monitor so that I can use it when I’m lying on my bed and not too near to that monitor. I used my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse when browsing to the internet. I have that set up for a few days. But then, I realized that it is difficult to use the screen especially when I’m lying on my bed just a few feet away from the screen. Anyone who has tried this set up must know what the feeling is. We know that Windows 7, which is my OS, is not applicable from quite distant viewing. But it works perfectly when watching movies. Speaking of internet surfing, it is so hard to browse because the letters on the web is way too small when looking at the screen and is not readable enough to read the contents. I tried to change all the required resolutions and settings that can be apply to fix the problem but all of them didn’t work out well. I also tried the ‘ctrl + scroll up in the mouse’ to enlarge the following texts to make it clear enough to read. The letters were clear now but the problem is I’m spending so much time in scrolling the part of the screen left to right or vice versa because the texts is extended beyond the side of the monitor. Every single line of reading the entire page, I will need to scroll it from time to time. Now my question is, is there a Linux distributions that can be optimize for HD Televisions and is also applicable from distant viewing? Or should I change my operating system into a right one? If there is any what is it? I badly need your help.

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Linux Distributions for HD Televisions



I have read your question carefuly but I seen your problem with text while you sitting away from your computer.  It is obviously happen on long distance and LCD support only those resolution which shown in its manual book. So I am suggest to you  can download virtual magnify software from below website.

This software available for most of operating system so you can download as per your requirement and install it.  After installing this software you are surely able to read any content from long distance. You can also change the size of pixel of as per requirement as per your comfortableness. You can also close the application as per requirement while you are sitting near computer.
In windows operating system magnify software already inbuilt and it will work on mouse cursor so no need to use cltr+ scroll button rapidly.


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