Linksys Wireless Adapter and signal problems

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Hi there!

I have been using Linksys as my wireless network adapter but I’m having problems with its signal. Is there a way for me to improve its reception without necessarily securing it?

Please help me. Thank you.


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Linksys Wireless Adapter and signal problems


Hi Miller!

There are several ways of improving the wireless signal of your router.

First of all, check the location of your router. It is best if you position it in a central location in your place. Consider the position of your laptop and obstructions like walls and ceilings. 

Secondly, avoid placing your router near walls, floors and metal objects. The closer the router is to these obstructions, the weaker your signal will be. 

Next, if your router's antenna is removable, try replacing it with a higher-performance antenna. You can check the "Linksys high-gain antenna". They are powerful and easy to install.

Then, you can also consider changing the wireless network adapter of your laptop to USB-type external net adapter which uses an external antenna. It will surely extend the wireless range.

You can also try adding a wireless repeater. They can be used without putting wires. Just place them between the wireless router and your computer. You can check out wireless repeaters from the Linksys website or to nearest electronic stores near you. 

Also, you can change your wireless channel. This is just like the logic of choosing an AM/FM radio channel. You can change the wireless channel on your router's configuration page. For Linksys, it is: Do not worry about your computer's settings because it will be automatic.

Check for updates for your router's firmware on their website ( You may also check for network adapter's driver updates.

Lastly, you may consider upgrading your router and et adapters  to a N-range. It is has better range, powerful and more stable. 

Hope this helps!


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Linksys Wireless Adapter and signal problems


There are ways to improve the wireless signal of the Linksys wireless router. This improved the broadcasted wireless signal up to it's maximum range.

Router has settings that can be set to broadcast much stronger signal. This settings just need to change to it's highest wireless range.

Open Internet Explorer, type in the address bar
Then log-in to the GUI
Use admin for username and password for password
Go to Wireless tab
Look for wireless channel
Set the channel to 11
Save the Settings
Refresh the wireless connection
Observe the wireless signal bars
This should improved at least 1 bar compare to it's normal range

If you are not satisfied with the wireless signal range, you can install a wireless boaster. This is the device that you need to add to the router, it acts like a repeater and it strengthen the wireless signal range.

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Linksys Wireless Adapter and signal problems


Did you wireless adapter come with an antenna? If it did, try and change the antennas inclination or its position and see if it helps. Try updating the wireless adapters drivers and see if that improves the signal. Some driver updates would address some issues on the wireless adapter which may include signal issues. Try and change the position and/or inclination of the wireless antennas of the wireless router. The antennas broadcast at a certain position, changing it might provide better coverage for your wireless adapter. You can also update your wireless router’s firmware and see if that makes it broadcast itself better. Also on the wireless card’s side, you can change its settings in the Device Manager. Turn off power management and power consumption settings and see if that helps.

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