Light room cannot move the published collection

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Generally I have lots of errors when I try to use some plug-ins in Lightroom. The image below says more that I know about the error I have and which I don’t know how to solve it. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? Why is not working ?

Thank you !

Can’t move the published collection(s).

Repairing failed. Bad request.

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Light room cannot move the published collection


It seems your problem has something to do with mirroring and its limitations. Here is why. When you set up a mirrored collection or once you have set it up, you can no longer edit or modify it because there is nothing to change or edit. It is renamed as a result of renaming the collection it mirrors and then synchronizing.

On the other hand, it can still be deleted using the context menu for its name in the list of publish-services. Also, you cannot move mirrored collections within the sets of published-collection of the publish service as well as create or move other collections within a mirrored collection set.

If you need to subtract or add collections, do it from the original source which is the one being mirrored and then synchronize. If you add or remove collections within a mirrored set that work will be undone or it will undo that work at the succeeding synchronize when the collections are re-mirrored back from the source set.

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