Life Span of the Motherboard Battery

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What is the average life span of the battery of the motherboard?

I have brought new battery for the motherboard 8 months ago.

Then my computer suddenly won’t boot. I have tried re-attaching all the device connected to the motherboard but still won’t boot.

I even tried replacing the power supply but still same result.

Then I tried the other old motherboard battery and my computer works properly.

So it leaves me wondering that is the average life span of the motherboard battery?

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Life Span of the Motherboard Battery


First answer: Motherboard Battery in average 5 to 7 years runs without any problem.

Now come to your second point that is, your computer not booting. Please note, we called it BIOS battery.

If BIOS battery is not ok then when switch on your computer then you will get a message that is, please press (Del or F2 or esc) for enter the BIOS or F1 to continue.

When you press F1 then your computer will start boot.

When your operating system fully started then you will find that your computer's Date and time is not right.

I think you get solution and your answer.

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Life Span of the Motherboard Battery


Motherboard batteries or the battery for the BIOS typically lasts for 1 to 3 years.  It's only purpose is to ensure that all settings that you made to the BIOS will be saved when the main power is cut off.  Without the battery, the BIOS will reset to its default settings and you will be prompted to readjust BIOS settings every time your power up your computer.  It also ensures that your system's clock will keep it's settings.

Now that I've said what the BIOS battery is for, I don't understand how it could possibly affect your PC's boot up.  A dead BIOS battery should have no effect on whether your PC boots up or not.  However, it is possible that the motherboard was somehow designed to boot up only when the BIOS battery is working.

The "new" battery was probably an old stock at the store where you bought it from which is why it drained so quickly.

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Life Span of the Motherboard Battery


The standard life span of a CMOS battery is 10 years but it still depends on the usage of the computer.

If it fails the system settings and it won't be able to save the current date and time when your computer is off, then the battery can be replaced.

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