License and Fatal Error in AutoCAD

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Good day everybody. I am here today with an issue regarding AutoCAD. This error appeared when I tried to run AutoCAD yesterday on my PC. A few days ago it was working very fine, but just yesterday it appeared saying: “LICENSE ERROR –

Your license is invalid. Please contact your local authorized AutoCAD dealer.” And another error box appears in which it shows:

“AutoCAD Error Aborting – FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0010 Exception at 62715f41h.”

Now can you please help me with it as I don’t know how to rectify this problem. Why does it say License error?

Has my AutoCAD license expired? Please do reply if you know the answer.

Thank you.


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License and Fatal Error in AutoCAD


First of all you should mention its version. If you are using pirated software then it might cause LICENSE ERROR. The software always checks online if you are using the genuine version. So maybe this is the reason you can't  access your software.

The second error message occurs if your program installation files has been corrupted. This problem occurs when certain files become locked during the uninstall/reinstall process.To correct this issue, you have to reinstall the software(genuine version). To reinstall AutoCAD correctly

  1. Go to the Start menu (Windows), click Run (Windows 2000/XP) or StartSearch (Windows Vista/7).
  2. Enter acsignopt in the box, and then click OK.
  3. Clear/remove the Validate Digital Signatures and Display Special icons option.
  4. Remove Autodesk software(completely) and reinstall as described in the following solution:

If you still having the same problem then your version of License Manager (FlexLM) is out-of-date.

AutoCAD 2006 and newer versions require a minimum of version 10.1.5 of the Autodesk Network License Manager (FlexLM) to support advanced licensing information. Check the debug log file to confirm the version of the license manager core components (lmgrd and adskflex). Refer to the following solution to upgrade the Autodesk Network License Manager:

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License and Fatal Error in AutoCAD


Normally, if your problem with your software is only with the license, probably because the trial days are over or has expired, you will only be prompted to enter the license code for the application because the trial days are over and will also ask you to purchase a license code if you don’t have one yet. But in your case, a fatal error also appeared together with the license error.

If your AutoCAD is licensed and you have your license code with you, the license information on your software probably got damaged which caused those errors. If this is the case, do a clean installation of AutoCAD. Click Start, Control Panel, and then Add or Remove Programs. Select AutoCAD from the list then click Uninstall or Remove to uninstall the program.

After that, click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then Disk Cleanup. Select drive C then click OK. Check Setup Log Files and “Temporary files” then click OK. Restart the computer when it is finished. Next, install AutoCAD back. Once installed, run AutoCAD then register the application using your license code. Also, try checking your version in the Autodesk website for any available patch or Service Pack update.

It usually fixes any possible glitches in the software.

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