Libre Office Formatting Query and capability

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Do OpenOffice or LibreOffice have an option to format quotation marks, at the beginning of a paragraph correctly? Is Microsoft Word capable of importing Math Markup Language (MML)?

Who are Microsoft Office’s top competitors and why is it that it has been at the top for a while?

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Libre Office Formatting Query and capability


1) Open Office does have an option to format quotation marks at the beginning of a paragraph correctly. Simply follow these steps:

– click on the ‘Tools’ Tab -> In the dropdown menu you will find the ‘AutoCorrect Options’ Tab at the bottom area, click on it -> Then click on ‘Localized Options’ Tab, which will be the fourth tab from the left.

– On the window which appears, in the bottom area you will find options to auto correct both ‘Single quotes’ and ‘Double quotes.’

You can make the necessary changes and hit OK.

2) Microsoft word’s XML (Extensible Markup Language) is capable of supporting the embedding of MathML (Mathematical Markup Language); in order for advanced mathematical equations to be displayed.

3) According to me, Microsoft is by far still at the top because of its robust nature in terms of upgrading its versions from time to time, unlike most of its competitors. To name a few competitors, we have:   

– Lotus’ Smart Suite

– Corel’s Word Perfect Office

To download and install Corel: Word Perfect Office, please watch the video below:

– Sun’s Star Office

However, the latest reports suggest that Microsoft Office and Sun Microsystems’ Open Office are dominating the market when it comes to office productivity.

While Microsoft Office comes at a cost, Open Office is a free downloadable software and an open source software as well. To add, Open Office can be freely distributed.

Based on your needs and spending ability, one can accordingly decide to go for either of the two softwares for optimal satisfaction.

I hope all of the above helps.


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