Legacy of Cain fails to start

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Hi there,

When I opened my game The Legacy of Cain this error appeared and it closed the game. I have this error since yesterday and I hoped that I will skip this and I will continue playing the game. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? Why my game created this error ?

Thanks !

AutoIt Error

Line 1989 (File “C:UsersAlexDesktopSarkothDemonRC2SarkothDemonRC2Sarkot hDemon31.au3”):

$return[0] = _MemoryRead($_Myoffset + 0x0A0,$d3, ‘float’)

$return[0] = _MemoryRead( ERROR

Error: Variable used without being declared.

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Legacy of Cain fails to start


I’m not sure if you created the script but the problem here actually, is not caused by the game but by an AutoIt script file. I guess you created a script file that can launch the game “The Legacy of Cain”. If this is the case, then you should check line number 1989 in the script file to verify the error.

The error is related to a variable that was not declared. So you need to check the script file for variables and verify that each of them was properly declared. A variable is a location to store data in the memory for the purpose of accessing it more quickly. A variable should be given a name or a label so you can store data into it and maybe call it later.

When naming a variable, it should always begin with the dollar sign “$” and may only contain numbers, letters, and the underscore symbol “_”. For example, $Tim_set, $Variable1, $mine5SET, and others. Before you can actually use a variable, it needs to be declared first using the keywords Local and Global. For more information, visit Language Reference Variables or AutoIt References.

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