Learning To Enter Latitude And Longitude In Google Maps

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Hey, I wish to find the name of the place using latitudes and longitudes. How to enter latitude and longitude in Google Maps to know the name of that location?

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Learning To Enter Latitude And Longitude In Google Maps


Hey there, it’s easy. Google Maps are excellent mapping services which let you navigate to any place across the globe. Here are the two versions, similar. For an android application, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Google Map’s application on your phone.

2. In the first page, at the top, you will see a search box.

3. Type the latitudes and longitudes in the format:

A, B, C, D

Where A, B, C, D represents an integer or decimal number which belongs to the valid values of latitudes and longitudes.

4. Press Enter. There you go!

For the website version of Google Maps in PC or Desktop, just go to Google Maps webpage and follow the same steps as of the Android app provided above.


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Learning To Enter Latitude And Longitude In Google Maps


That would be easy if you know the exact coordinates of the city or place you are looking for. If you know the coordinates or you have a list of coordinates, you can find a particular city or place by going to Latitude and Longitude Finder. Here, just enter any address, city, province, country, state, or ZIP code to find its latitude and longitude coordinates.

Here are some of the countries capitals around the world with their particular coordinates:

  • Afghanistan – capital is Kabul with coordinates: 34° 33′ N, 69° 12′ E.
  • Albania – capital is Tirana with coordinates: 41° 19′ N, 19° 49′ E.
  • Bahamas – capital is Nassau with coordinates: 25° 2′ N, 77° 21′ W.
  • Bahrain – capital is Manama with coordinates: 26° 13′ N, 50° 35′ E.
  • Cambodia – capital is Phnom Penh with coordinates: 11° 32′ N, 104° 53′ E.
  • Canada – capital is Ottawa with coordinates: 45° 25′ N, 75° 41′ W.
  • India – capital is New Delhi with coordinates: 28° 36′ N, 77° 12′ E.
  • Philippines – capital is Manila with coordinates: 14° 35′ N, 120° 59′ E.
  • United Kingdom – capital is London with coordinates: 51° 30′ N, 0° 7′ W.
  • United States of America – capital is Washington, DC with coordinates: 38° 54′ N, 77° 2′ W.

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