Learning more about web page design and tools

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I want to understand deeper the foundation of web page design. I want to know what is HTML? What is the story behind it? What are the software that I can use to create web pages? Who invented web pages? What are the common character entities that I can use in web page designing? What is the purpose of “&nbsp” in html? Is it still used in HTML 5 codes? They said that codes in HTML comes in pairs? What about <br>? Can you explain this to me? Please provide help. Thank you!

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Learning more about web page design and tools


Hello Young!


Hyper-Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) is used to create web pages. Tim Berners-Lee is the one who proposed to create a web sharing tool for CERN. This starts the history of HTML. He wrote the browser and dubbed as the “Father of the Web.” Ted Nelson coined the word and discovered the concept of hypertext. “&nbsp” or non-breaking space is used to create spaces in HTML. This is still usable in HTML5 and there are other ISO 8859-1 Symbol Entities.

The example are shown below.

1.  &quot; for quotation mark symbol

2.  &apos; for apostrophe symbol

3.  &amp; for ampersand symbol

4.  &lt; for less than symbol

5.  &gt; for greater than symbol

<br> tag is used to go to next line or simply means as “break.” This is to cut the line of sentence and move it to the next line. This is one of the simplest way to format paragraphs. There are many entities that we  can still use from HTML to HTML5.


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