Learning The Hyper V Backup And Restore Procedure.

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Hello, as I am new to this system, I am unable to run all the features of hyper v. Can you please help me to learn hyper v backup and restore?

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Learning The Hyper V Backup And Restore Procedure.


To backup Hyper v machine:

1: Start the Backup Manager and open the tab called “Backup”.

2: Under the "Available data sources", Click on Add beside "Hyper-V".

3: you can select only some of them, or all recommended machines showed on the current computer. You can select just one of its disks, for the individual machine. We recommended you to select the whole virtual machine, though. Save the changes.

4: You can then start the backup.

To recover backup machine:

The hyper v machine supports both in placed recovery (original and new location). The original location’s machine should be turned off during the time of recovery. You can recover one of the following three: – Check for the virtual files going to be performed is suitably backed up. – The drive tool should be running properly and also installed. – All the file system in Backup Manager should support to that in virtual machine being recovered.

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