Learn Steps For How To Defrag An IPad

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I am a user of iPad, and I want to defrag the iPad? Could you guide me a way as how to defrag an iPad.


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Learn Steps For How To Defrag An IPad



if you are thinking about defragmenting your iPad to boost its speed and performance then I strongly suggest you not to. First of all this is because there is no way in particular as how to defrag an iPad. Secondly, iPad uses flash drives as its storage and not the HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). Defragmenting will do nothing more than to damage various sectors of the flash drive.

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Learn Steps For How To Defrag An IPad


That’s right. If you are thinking of speeding up your iPad because it is no longer as fast as before when you first bought it, I don’t think defragmenting your device is such a good idea. The reason is that defragmentation is designed only for hard drive which is not the case with iPads.

An iPad uses a flash memory instead of a regular spinning hard drive to store data. Performing a defragmentation on an iPad will damage the flash-based memory. If you want to speed up your iPad, here are a few things you might want to do. First up is to update your iPad’s firmware. Doing this guarantees that your apps are running at optimal performance.

Next, you need to remove unwanted applications. When you remove unwanted apps, it helps free up space on your device and may improve your iPad’s reading speed. Next, you need to terminate unused apps or processes. In both Android and iOS, there are apps that would remain running even after closing them with the “Home” button. Any application that remains running can be a burden to your device.

One example of these apps is the Safari browser which would run in the background even after closing it. To force close an app, open the app then press and hold the “Home” button until you are redirected back to the apps screen.

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