Learn How To Resolve Ras Error Code 635on Your USB Modem

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Hi, I am using a dongle to connect to the internet. I am using postpaid plan. I am getting ras error code 635 and am unable to connect to the Internet. I can see the network is full but still cannot get the Internet to work. Can you please help me?

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Learn How To Resolve Ras Error Code 635on Your USB Modem



RAS error 635 can occur for multiple reasons. I have listed down the possible reasons and fixes in the order of likelihood (from most likely to least likely)-

  1. Incorrect Access Point Name(APN) has been used. Since you mentioned that you are using postpaid plan, the account type should be “Contract”. In your Connection software of your dongle – select Settings -> Change Account Type.
  2. There is no pending payment on your account. You should check this by calling your service provider.
  3. It could be an issue with your windows machine as well. It could be due to misconfiguration or system conflicts. If you have recently reinstalled the connection manager of your dongle, then uninstall again and make sure to delete all the residual files. You can do this by navigating to the folder where the software is installed on your system and manually deleting if any files have not been removed. Install the software again. Next you should clean up junk files by start->program->accessories->system tools-> disk cleanup.

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