Learn About Simple Dhcp Server Windows Within Seconds.

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I have a query regarding simple dhcp server windows. I am using Windows 7 on my system, and I would like to know about the DHCP server on my windows.

Thank you.

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Learn About Simple Dhcp Server Windows Within Seconds.


A DHCP Server offers IP addresses to the systems of client. It is often useful in enterprise networks to lessen configuration efforts. All addresses of all devices are present in a database that stays on a server machine.

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It is an implementation of a DHCP Server for Windows systems supporting all operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 10.

The data of configuration as well as the “database” is present in an INI file. The Server runs instantly without any installation.

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Learn About Simple Dhcp Server Windows Within Seconds.


DHCP stands for “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.” It is a network management protocol used to assign or allocate IP address to any device dynamically on a network so they can communicate using internet protocol or IP. It automates and centrally manages these configurations instead of requiring network administrators to assign IP addresses to all devices on the network manually.

Versions of DHCP are available for use on IPv4 or Internet Protocol version 4 and IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6.

It runs at the application layer of the TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol/IP protocol stack to assign IP addresses to DHCP clients dynamically and to assign TCP/IP configuration information to DHCP clients which includes the subnet mask information, the default gateway IP addresses, and the DNS or Domain Name System addresses.

A DHCP server, on the other hand, is one computer on the network that has several IP addresses at its disposal to assign to computers or hosts on that network. If you subscribed to an ISP or Internet Service Provider for internet access, that ISP is your DHCP server.

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