Learn About The Applications Of Asset Tracking Software Free

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Hi. I would like to know about the various aspects of an asset tracking software free. What are its applications? Thanks in advance. It will be very helpful for me.

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Learn About The Applications Of Asset Tracking Software Free


Hi. The uses of asset tracking software free are as follows-

1) It enables software asset tracking on the network

2) It enables hardware asset tracking on the network

3) Makes sure that the software license is compliant

4) It helps understand the statistics related to the usage of the computer

5) It cuts down the cost which is related to the assets which are not used in the network

The applications include-

1) The desktop and all the other servers are scanned during which all the information related to the software and hardware is collected and is stored in a database on the central server.

2) All the Window servers are scanned by hardware asset tracking system and collect all the hardware related information. This info is then stored in the database. Some of the applications which are tracked include processor, logical disk and serial port, etc.

3) The desktop is scanned by the software assessment tool which collects all the software related information such as all the inventory details and stores them in the database.

Hope we helped.

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