Leakage problem with the laptop

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I accidentally spilled beer on the keyboard of my laptop and luckily as far as i saw, after i opened it up, it did not pass the keyboard effectively. Plus all of the keys still work but the laptop on the whole overheats much more since the incident.

I checked inside and it's dry but still the overheating is becoming troublesome.

What can i do?

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Leakage problem with the laptop


Update the Display Driver

  • Right-click on the desktop. Click "Personalize," "Display Settings" and "Advanced Settings."

  • Click the "Intel Graphics" tab and choose "Monitor Properties." Click "Driver."

  • Click "Update Driver" and choose "Search Automatically."

  • Click "Install" to install the updated monitor driver. After the driver has been installed, click "OK" to restart the laptop when prompted.

    Hope this would solve your problem. If not then there may be a possibility of laptop screen connector burn out.

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Leakage problem with the laptop


A small amount of liquid won’t hurt your laptop if you spill some over the keyboard. Underneath the keyboard is its rubber matting. All of the keyboard’s keys touch this rubber matting. If there is a small amount of liquid that managed to penetrate the inside through the keyboard holes, it will go on top of the rubber matting.

You should immediately find a way to remove the liquid and make it dry so that it will not go to the laptop’s board.

If you frequently experience overheating in your laptop, be sure to avoid using it on top of the bed. The machine will not have the proper ventilation because of the bed sheet covering the sides of the laptop. Always use your machine over a flat surface where it can have the proper ventilation.

If you still experience overheating even if using it on flat surface, it is possible that its internal fan already has a problem and needs to be replaced. Contact a qualified service technician to help you replace your laptop’s cooling fan. You can also use your laptop in front of an electric fan if you are still unable to replace the cooling fan.

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